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Underground Utilities

Our underground utilities workforce includes a combination of water, sewer, and storm drain crews. Every crew is experienced, knowledgeable, and highly skilled to manage the largest jobs. King is an industry leader in water and sewer pipeline construction specializing in commercial, residential, industrial, and additional installation projects. Our company is as additionally skillful in the installation of storm drain, which is designed as a network of underground pipe channels that carry stormwater to nearby ponds, streams, swamps, and rivers. King is underground utility experts in projects ranging from small pipe repairs to large installation of pipeline projects. Message us to get a quote today to complete a utility project to meet your needs.

Our company’s safe work practices in excavation make our underground utility work efficient and excellent quality for every project we complete. King Construction Services is an industry leader in equipment and experience which has allowed our company to develop a well-respected reputation as a high-quality underground utility contractor along the South Carolina and North Carolina Coasts. Drainage is essential in small and large projects of unpaved grounds that will be transformed to paved areas; this is where King can provide the great service of installing water, sewer, storm drain, and catch basin products. Our crew’s experience expands into parking lot and additional paved surface to drain and function in the correct manner in any weather conditions. Trust our team with your underground utilities needs for any project or demand.

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